Lesson 85: Sow A Dream, so that Your Child Can Live with Hope

Stephen Chow once said, “If we don’t have any dream in life, we’ll look like a dead salted fish.” (Shaolin Soccer, 2001)

Eventually it leaded my thought to a recent Bollywood movie “Dangal”. The story showed a former wrestler who trained his two young daughters, hoping them to become national wrestler and to win a gold medal for India on the international ring. As young ladies, the daughters hated the strict training. Once the two daughters attended their friends’ wedding without their father’s knowledge but eventually their father knew it and raged. The two daughters were upset and complained to their bride friend. However, their bride friend who was at their own age replied in tears, “Seriously, I am envy of both of you. Here, when a girl is born, they teach her how to cook, how to do house chores and when she turns 14, they married her with a stranger. But your father didn’t follow them. He is creating and leading you to a new path.”

As what had Stephen Chow said, we know that a life without a dream is a life without direction, a life without good ending and a life without any meaning. I guessed the father who trained his daughters wrestling would think the same too. We all would like our children to have a good life, so we give them the best school, the best teacher, and the best in everything we could.

However, our children who own most of the best things, are not happy.

The students who came to our learning centre these few years had good family background. They had smartphones, computers, pocket money, and all kinds of materials their parents could give. However, they did not have the passion for life. There were a lot of uncertainty and insecurity in them.

Where were the enthusiasm in these young spirits?

Were they in computer games? Were they in Youtube videos? Or, were they in chatting apps such as Whatsapp or Wechat?

If we ignore those kids who were addicted to web and games, there were some students who were willing to sacrifice their entertainment just to catch up their studies. There were some students who were willing to practice and seek for my advices to compete in a story telling competition. Nevertheless, there were basketball players, volleyball players and soccer players who were willing to train hard so that they could win. Those children who worked hard were as passionate as the two lady wrestlers in “Dangal”, who eventually stood up and won gold medals for India.

On the other hand, people who lose their dream would lose their spirit. I had a student who played badminton well and was in the school team. However, he became very upset and depressed, like the dead salted fish as what Stephen Chow described, after he lost the chance to participate in a competition.

Therefore, we must have dream. Let’s take action with a dream! 

Take action with a dream. People shall not just take action but to take action continuously because we want to fulfill our dream and embrace hope while we continue our life. We would want our children to have this spirit that comes from fulfilling their dream. The two ladies in “Dangal” changed their mind and saw the new dream and new path that they should go to after they listened to the bride. Hence, they did not complain anymore but took initiative to wake up early and trained themselves without giving up, even when the training was too hard for them to bear with.

Look at our children. What dreams could they have in order to live with hope?
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