Lesson 81: Are You Ready to Start Over?

It has been a few days after the new year. Have you taken actions to achieve your new year resolutions? Or, do you forgotten your goals as per last year? Some people might achieve their goals last year, some might try for a few times and some might not, regardless whether it was to workout, save money or change yourself.

Why do some people are able to do it while some people are unable to do it?

The strength to take action first, comes from your thoughts, and second, from the things that are done for you externally. 

Emma Watson, the main actress in "Beauty and the Beast" which is going to be released this year, is an outstanding actress despite her active involvement in women's right movement. 24-year-old Watson gave a speech on women's right when she was appointed as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. She proclaimed feminist involves the idea of stopping "man hating" while the equal rights between men and women is being pursued. As a consequences, she received a lot of threats within 12 hours after her speech. However, she was angry and did not give in and was determine in her thoughts. She has influenced a lot people in their way of viewing women's right.

She did it because she wanted to.

She did it because she was determine.

Where your thought is, there will be your actions.

It goes the same with kids who are reading. If he can't stop thinking about playing, he would be distracted and ended up playing. If he was interested in the book contents, he would be able to concentrate and forget about any other things.

When it comes to driving, you would reach your destination if your brain was thinking about the destination. However, if you were thinking about other things while you were driving, you might take the wrong turn and went to somewhere else. It used to happen to me.

When you encounter challenges, your actions are also determined by your thoughts. Try to recall now, what was in your mind when you were encountering difficulties or challenges?

Some people may look at the problem, having a hard time and thinking, "Why? Why is it so? Why? It shouldn't be in this way?" I guess some people may experience it? Thinking about the reason behing and starting to blame whatever things that came to mind.

Besides, some people may think, "Its difficult! I'm stuck! I can't take it anymore!" and then? When you really do nothing, your life would be more difficult. It often happen to kids when they see studying as something difficult therefore they do not want to study. Thinking of the stress would make study depressing.

However, not everyone would be as passive. 

Some people may think that, "It's difficult but I wanna do it!" What would usually happen to this kind of people? They would master the skills and do the task that they could not do after a period of struggling. Even if the process is painful, they overcome the difficulties and find victory.

How about the others? They are those happy person who would say, "Hey! Great! There must be a solution for it!" They would struggle but dealing with the problems with fun. 

How bout you? What kind of person you would like to be? Would you rather be depressed by the problems, or be joyful while you are taking actions?

Who would you be this year, is determined by your thoughts.

Moreover, there is another factor called the external factor (things that are done for you externally)

What is the external factor?

The usual external factors includes environment, people, time and various other factors, which are similar to the Chinese saying "the right time, the right place and the right person". During the ancient time, these three factors greatly affected the results of farming, hunting and wars. However when we talk about the time now, we usually say success belongs to someone who could 'grasp the opportunity' (the right time) or the team which is 'united' (the right person).

From the perspective of psychology, external factor means rewards which can be seen by physical eyes (including prizes, bonus or points), and the compliments and recognition from the other people. Some people may do something just for the compliment and reward. They would lose their motivation without these external factors. Sometimes, even us would focus on these factors. Well, who doesn't like reward and compliment? A child would be more than happy if he were given some compliment, nice food or toys. You would be happy and satisfy with your employer if you were given a raise in your salary and compliment after all the hard work that you have done, won't you?

It is the psychology of human. You want results when you put in the effort.

When people are unable to get results, disappointment, depression, upset and sometimes giving up, tons of negative thoughts would come.

However, a person who really wants to improve would not put all his attention to the external factor but focus more on his own thoughts.

Raise your level of thinking and putting it into the right place, will bring you the strength of taking actions.

Hence, do not worry about what you have not finish last year. You would be able to complete the them this year if you have the right thoughts.

Are you ready to start over this year?

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