Lesson 77: How to Plan for School Holidays

School holidays is one of the time which causes some headache on the parents because they could not send the children to school. Failing to plan is planning to fail (Alan Lakein). Thus, a lot of parents were very proactive but at the same time they may have a hard time in choosing the best activities for their children.

Hence, what kind of holidays activities suit your child the most?

When we look into the variety of holidays activities in different countries, it is clear that the expectations and education methods are all different. Children in US, UK, Germany, France and New Zealand usually enjoy spending their holidays. They learn through various interested activities such as playing games, exploring the Mother nature and travelling. On the other hand, children in Asia countries such as Pakistan and China, have to continue their studies and would usually spend their holidays in completing tons of revision work.

It is the same in Malaysia. School teachers and parents usually would assign holidays work because there is a fear that the children might forget the learning without doing any work. There were some parents who were busy working, unable to plan for anything, and just send their kids to tuition classes in daycare center. These kids usually were unable to rest well even if it is a school holidays. Besides, some parents would arrange  vacation. Sometimes, when I asked my students about the trip, "How was your experience?" The answers that I usually heard were, "Ok, nothing special." or, "It was fun! A lot of nice food!" I was always wondering, "Nothing special? Then what is the difference between staying at home and going for a vacation? What were the new experiences besides those food?"

Some other parents prefer to send their kids to talent classes or holiday camp. However, I had always met some kids who came to the camp with a sullen face and zipped mouth. These were the kids who were being forced to participate. Some were elementary students, some of them were secondary school students. They would like to sleep, watch movies or play computer games rather than coming to this kind of boring camp. Thus, they could not learn anything due to their preset thoughts.

When it comes to everything you do in life, you have to first establish the goal and take actions, then your mind, thoughts, actions, words and life will all be clear and not ambiguous. (Joshua J)

If the children do not understand the meaning of holiday activities, it means that parents are wasting their effort sending their children to the activities, because most of the kids were either playful or showed great resistance when they were sent to those activities. If you really want your children to have a meaningful holidays, then they must understand the goal of each activity.

Firstly, parents and children can go through the activities which the children are interested, plan and make the decision together. Well, you do not have to keep on reminding your children that, "The purpose of this trip is to learn the differences between cultures." or "Hey, I send you to this camp because I want you to learn to interact with other people!" If I were the kid, I would be very frustrated.

Parents could guide the children to consider about the questions below in the discussion:

What do I want from this activity?

Which part of the program that attract my attention?

What kind of person would I like to be after joining this activity?

When the children found the answers, it also means that they take the responsibility to learn and explore the knowledge and experience without parents worrying.

When the children have a clear goal in their mind, they would find a way to achieve it. There were some kids who volunteered themselves to register for the camp, who even wrote their own improvement needs on behalf of their parents. These kids were not the most outstanding kid but they spent the most effort, improved the most and enjoy the learning the most.

Goal produces results. No goal, no result.

  1. 不知道如何给孩子安排假期?看国外孩子是如何度过假期的!
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