Lesson 64: Do You Limit Yourself by Personality Tests?

People like to understand themselves. People also like to be understood. What people like more is to be accepted by others. Therefore, a lot of people like to do personality tests in order to understand themselves while being understood by others. Usually you will know whether you are introvert or extrovert, open or reserve, neurotic or emotionally stable, friendly or not and even your attitude. Whether it is the Big Five Personality Test or the 16 Personality Test, they tested the similar areas but differ in the details.

Many people understand themselves more and show more self-acceptance after they have done the personality test. This is what they always say, "Ya, I'm that kind of person, so I can only do certain matters but not the others!"
Recently while I was conducting training, I met with a goal-oriented person, which means he tended to set and achieve goals regardless of the tasks. This kind of person is really effective but at times might find it hard to understand the difficulties of others, which worsen the interpersonal relationship. He tended to say, "Well, what can I do? I am goal-oriented so I can't understand people!"

I understood that different personality is fit for carrying out different kind of tasks. However, we can learn to do other tasks, can't we?

There was a mother who was very worried after tested her child with personality test. She came to us with the results, asking, "Coach, they said my child was born to be like that and it is hard to change, what should I do?"
Her child was very mischievous, bad tempered and did not listen to the parents at all. I guessed if I were the parents who heard all these comments from a psychologist, , I would have worry a lot about how my child would be pushed out by his peers and how worse would be his life.

If that is the case, are we going to say that people with not so good personality will have gloom future?

You do not need to worry about the character you inherited from your parents. You just need to do a second creation and make yourself well. making is the key.

Yes, the key is how do you make yourself.

Personality test tells you, what kind of person are you "NOW" but not what kind of person are you "FOREVER".
According to the American Psychological Association, personality is individual differences in characteristics patterns of thinking, feelings and behaving. The meaning for you is that, your personality is your way of thinking, feeling and behaving which is constant. It is just like the specific criteria of eastern food and western food, human too, has specific constant criteria. 

Bruce Lee said, "As you think, so shall you become." If you wish to become that kind of person which is stated in the personality test, then you will become one.

So what is the meaning of the personality test?
If you go to a restaurant, you will know the taste of the food they serve once you eat the food. You will know how salty, how sweet or how sour it is. If it is too salty, you can tell the chef so that he would add less salt next time. If it is tasteless, you can tell him to add more salt next time.

It is the same with the personality test. You will know how friendly, how cautious or how pessimistic you are through the personality test. If you are more cautious, you may want to tell yourself to relax a little more. If you are more pessimistic, you may want to tell yourself to be more positive.
Thus, the greatest meaning of personality test, is to tell you, which part should you make yourself more.

Take action so that you will become the king of ten unique traits rather than the king of one unique trait. (Joshua J)

The results from the personality test should not limit your personal growth.
Judging yourself by merely one personality test is a great limitation, isn't it? Halting your own growth is letting the creator God down, isn't it?

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