Lesson 62: Freedom? Reality vs Imagination

Time had changed, so do education. Caning is not the way to educate children. So parents learn the ways of family education from the European countries. In German, there was a saying, "give the child a pair of wings and let him learn how to fly". That's right, children needs freedom to grow. Parents do not wish to limit their children so they allow their children to do whatever they want. 

As a result...

As a result...

As a result, it turned out to be !

First and foremost, the children are very active regardless of their age. Extremely active. In a lesson, most of the students were talking. moving around and playing, ignoring me completely. Before I speak, I must always attract their attention using my whistle so that they keep quiet.

Sometimes, they turned a deaf ear to the whistle even if the whistle was loud. Sigh!

In order to save my voice, I would just starred at them until they suddenly realized and stopped.

Besides, lessons often became a mess. For example, when I told them about my childhood story, "I joined a story telling competition when I was young......" then, somebody would interrupt, "Coach, I guess you seemed funny when you sang..."; "Coach, I bet your singing skills are lousy..."; "Coach, if I were you, I wouldn't want to join this kind of competition"; "Coach, I can sing too..." blah blah blah.

At that moment, I felt like hitting the table and shouted, "Enough! I haven't started anything yet!"

The worse was the important message of the lessons were not being delivered because the children were too busy with their ideas. They were always talking about their own ideas. Whatever I said would not be absorb because of their attitude.

I was curious about the parents' responses. Did the parents accept all the so called "free" behaviors?
Most of the parents aid "Well, we have to accept since the school educate them in that way."

Oh, really? Wouldn't the school teacher stop them?

Recently, a lot of parents send their children to the international schools. These international schools are established by foreign investors with the resources from the United States or European countries, such as lessons contents, textbooks and even teachers. Parents made this choice because the conventional schools' system were too rigid which they believed would restrain their children. On the hand, international schools were perceived to have more freedom.

Then, how would the class like in the international school?

The children told me, 

"We are always like that in the class! (that noisy)"
"Well, our teachers don't care! We could talk and move around freely."
"If there is anything that I disagree with the teachers, I could speak out loudly!"

There was a child who came back to Malaysia after staying 6 years in Australia. He received preschool education in Australia so he was like the other international school students who were very expressive. He tended to be the first one to speak and went non-stop. Indirectly, some other shy students did not have chance to speak. Thus, we tried to give the opportunity to the shy students. Out of our expectation, this kid who lived in Australia said that we were being unfair. If that was unfair, would allowing him to speak all the time be fair to the others?

Is this the "freedom" that we want?

Giving freedom for the children is a good thing. However, when we look at the behaviors of the children, it is obvious that the "freedom" that we claimed has its loopholes.

What is the meaning of freedom?

The Bible says, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." (Psalm 22:6)

If we examine the German education, German parents seem to give a lot of freedom to their children. The children can hang themselves on the gate, free to play on the street, and free to make their own decisions. Parents are only giving guidance and coaching to the children. As long as the children do not violate the limitations, they have all the freedom. However, if the child cross the line, the parents will remind and educate their children. If the things that they do will hurt or threaten their lives, the parents will stop them.

The freedom which seem limitless actually has its limitations in the reality.

However, we tend to bypass this point and magnify the freedom which the children are having. How about the conduct of the children?

If you do it thinking only <this>, a problem will occur with <that>, so think and make plans with 'two things' in mind, and then take action. 

Do you wish to make your child into a talent with only one skill or a all-rounded talent? We shall look into it seriously.

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