Lesson 53: You Wouldn't Know How Deep You Misunderstood Before Knowing His Story

"I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President of USA) used to say this when he encountered a person whom he disliked. Therefore, he did not repel the people who were opposed him but appointed some of them as the ministers. It is uncommon to be as generous as President Lincoln because it is easy to smile at your favourite person but hard to treat the person you hate well. It is the same in education. Not every kid will be as likable, hence it is difficult to be like president Lincoln.

There was a kid named Sean, 11 year-old but almost as short as a 9-year-old, not very tall. He was very cheerful yet active, and talkative. However, when he wanted to speak to me, he tended to grab my arm or touch my arm until he finished his sentences.

I did not mind in the beginning. Then, he behaved the same way when he talked to me, as well as to the other coaches. We started to feel uneasy, "Why would he behave like that? This kid is a bit impolite!" Thus, we started to remind him that it it better not to grab people's arm when he was talking.

Usually kids would listen even if it is the naughty one. They would behave well after being reminded a few times. However, that kid was really...... stubborn! Even though he was a kid, being touched and grabbed continuously made us felt not being respected! If he were a stranger, I would have throw off his hands.

However, since he was just a kid, we did not scold him. When he approached us, we would think, "Oh no! This impolite fellow is coming again."

After that, I finally met his grandmother and talked to her. She was very concerned and would like to know more about his performance in the class.

Meanwhile I remained professional and gave positive comments I thought to inform her about his 'impolite' behavior so that I could give her some suggestions for her to correct him at home. Out of my expectation, she said, "He is going to the clinic for eye training later. Oh dear, it is far and going to there every week is a bit troublesome."

"Why would he need the eye training?" I asked curiously.

"He can only see things in 2D since young and not able to see in 3D. Oh, so pitty of him!"

I was surprised.

Now I know! No wonder that he kept on grabbing our hands. We seemed like a photo in his eyes. If he did not catch us, he could not feel our existence.

"The eye training will teach him how to focus his vision. Now if he tries hard to focus, he can see in 3D, but that will make him feel extremely pain. So he is still adapting to it." Grandmother seemed feeling sorry for him.

The comments that I prepared were being swallowed.

Each person has different 'composition and quality'. Therefore, you have to treat them [appropriately]  after figuring them out and knowing them (Joshua J).

Now that I understand the meaning behind it. I felt ashamed because I thought I understood but I actually see him wrongly in my heart. Sometimes, we may meet someone who seems weird, then we judge that person that he is weird or he is bad. However, we did not really show our concern. Your surrounding may have one, who may be bearing unspoken pain, who may not be so bad as how you thought Please understand him.

1. Mr Lincoln Whitehouse

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