Lesson 55: Denial is BLIND

In the movie "Three", there is a neurological surgeon named Tong Qian (by Zhao Wei). In a scene where she was doing a brain surgery, the head of department reminded her that the location of the tumor was too low which might lead to cutting the blood vessel beside it.

However, she insisted to continue the surgery. Even though she was extremely careful, she still cut the blood vessel. At that moment, fresh blood overflowed the brain like a fountain. In that critical moment, she still insisted to remove the tumor.

As a result, the patient became unconscious, deteriorated and became vegetative. So the head of department advised her to pause and have a rest.

Surprisingly, she asked feelingly, "Is there any problem?!"

When you are being questioned for your mistake, I guess no one will admit it, isn't it?

When the kids were being scolded, when your subordinates were being rebuked, when the things that you did had a problem, it is common for people to have self-protective attitude. this behavior is called "self-defense mechanism" by Freud.

A person who reacted like Doctor Tong Qian, thinking that he/ she doe snot have a problem, is a person who activated his/ her "denial" self-defense mechanism. Kids tends to defend themselves in this way and said, "I didn't cheat", "I didn't beat him" and "I didn't know (that this is wrong)". 

Sometimes, 'denial' is used to cover your own problem. For example, there were some kids who played lots of computer games and did not do their revision but said, "I did my revision." There were some kids who did not really worked hard to revise and gotten very bad result, said, "My results were not bad, most of them are Bs."

It is undoubtedly that it is wrong, but says that there is nothing wrong.
It is undoubtedly that it is a problem, but says that it is not a problem.
It is undoubtedly that you cannot do it, but says that you can do it.
It is undoubtedly that you did not do well, but says that you did it well.

All these reactions are 'denial' of your own mistakes and problem.

The kid who denied his own mistakes usually will not improve. The kid who thought that he did revision but actually was playing computer game, will not improve in academic, instead some may become worse. Doctor Tong in the movie "Three" thought that she would be able to make it after her first mistake, took the risk but ended up causing the patient to fall into unconsciousness and later on to death.

Denial, is to make yourself a blind, pretend that you did not see your mistakes so that you feel good in your heart. Whatever area it may be, if you are blind, you cannot see correctly and therefore, it is a loss for you since you are unable to do things properly (Joshua J).
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