Lesson 51: Without Attitude, You Lose the Second Chance

The most interesting part of being a 'coach' is to play games with the students endlessly. We play games during the lesson, we play games after the lesson, nevertheless we play games the whole day during outdoor activities.  Hey! It is truly enjoyable to play games and meanwhile it also help to reveal the students' true colour.

City kids get a lot of information through the net, sometimes even know more than anyone of us. They can tell you which Youtube video is interesting, which game is nice to play, how to up level in the games, how to look nicer in a selfie etc. However, they just could not have their spirit up in their daily life, so long as one remains a monk, one goes on tolling the bell.

Young people who really need encouragement

In the last week's camp, I lead two teams of secondary school students who were equally competitive. At the end of the day, one of team was losing far behind, with 30 points falling apart. The losing team was down like wither flowers. As a coach, our job is to guide the students through the games. In order to raise the spirit of the team, we had decided to help them 'intentionally'.

Opps! Do not say that we were bias. Just that we encouraged them 'intentionally', applauded for them 'intentionally',  and cheered for them 'intentionally'. When the losing team was sending their participants, our cheers and applause went wildly. However, when the winning team was sending their participants for the competition, we cheered and applauded as per normal.

Well, we did not mean to be partial to any team. In our experiences, if we do not encourage the losing team 'intentionally', their morale would be down until they lose everything. Then they would go back home downhearted and cried with pathos, "We are not going to win. We lose again."

In order to avoid this situation from happening,  meanwhile teaching them how to win, we used all our heart to give our encouragements and suggestions, so that they could have higher chance to win. Regardless of dodge ball, soccer or 'Three Legs' game, we did our best to guide them to think of the best strategy.

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
                                                                   -- Lou Holtz, American Football Coach

We were putting efforts to help this losing team but they reacted in these way:

"Coach, there is no way to win!"
"Coach, they are too strong!"
"Coach, we are weaker comparatively."

When they were playing dodge ball, we the coaches almost dying shouted loudly all the time, "Dodge the ball! Dodge the ball!"; "Run! Run quickly!", but these young people just allowed the ball to hit them by standing still at the point. I almost fainted looking at them! I shouted in my heart that, "Why didn't you dodge the ball?" After a while, some people tried to catch the ball. A tall and sturdy guy held out his hands but they were as weak as the soft toy, barely giving out any energy, letting the ball slipped through his hands. As a result, the ball hit him and he was immediately out! He was lifeless when he walked out of the playing field.

The losing team was all kicked out in seconds in the first half of the match. That was too pitiful. Therefore, I gathered all the team members to give them strong encouragement and guidance immediately after the first half ended. 

After the second half started, half of the team were swiped off in a short period of time. Terrible. Lastly, only one gentle little girl was left. The opponent team was very confident that they could beat this little girl with a hit. Would she survive?

If you did not do well during the first time, grab the second chance and do better!

When the ball was shooting towards her, surprisingly she caught the ball tightly with her two hands! How great! She was not beaten! She did not out! Next, this little girl ran to the front line and hit one of the opponent with just one throw! Then, the ball bounced back forcefully to her. She grabbed the ball again and hit the other opponent in the speed of light! The entire field broke into a sea of shouting! Her team members were cheering loudly for her.

The air was filled with tense!

It was FOUR vs ONE!

People were shouting her name with the hope that she would win the game. She used to looked weak but at that moment her eyes were fiery when she was looking at her opponents. As expected, she finished two of them without blinking her eyes. The two remaining opponents appeared to be quite nervous and seemed losing their mind.

The girl was firm and focus when she beat one of the opponent, making them stunned and speechless. The cheers and shouting were never ending in the field. The opponent caught the ball and threw it to the girl but it was being avoided. In the end, she hit the last opponent fiercely and won the victory for her team. The field was burst in extremely joy!

Without Attitude, You Lose the Second Chance.

The table was turned by this little girl. 

In the beginning of failure, these kids almost had given up to fight, not even having the thought of trying. When the opponent team attacked, these kids were standing still to wait for their turn to get out. If you do not take action even though you still can fight, then you will lose the chance in vain even though second chance is given.
Success or failure, are determine by our attitude, as well as our fate. There will be always a second chance. Failure at the first step does not mean failure forever. If you do not have positive attitude before the second chance comes, you will not grab the second chance.

At the first time, because you did not know, were not prepared, and so failed to take action quickly, you must surely get it done at least the second time. 
If you really wish to twist your fate, you have to take action absolutely! Surely! and do it desperately! (Joshua J)

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